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Indulge PMC-2000 Elegant Massage Chair

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Technology: 2D Intelligent Technology Air Bags: 24 Airbags Rollers: Eight Rollers

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Indulge PMC-2000 Elegant Massage Chair

Indulge PMC-2000 Elegant Massage by PowerMax Fitness is featured with U-Pillow Air Massage, Intelligent body scan technology, 3D massage technology with Heating Function. Massage modes include Full and Partial Adjustment, Kneading, Knocking, Kneading + Knocking, Pressing, Heating, Tapping, Thai Stretch, Speed Adjustments, Roller, Massage Width & Point Adjustment, Air Bag Strength Adjustment, Backrest & Leg rest Adjustment.
Also featured with Music Connector via Bluetooth
• Get rid of your muscle stiffness
• Relax your mind
• Shape up your body
• Accelerate blood circulation
Rejuvenate your body and mind as you sit in the massage chair for 15 minutes for a full massage session.

Features –
• S-shape rail designed chair in black color
• Length of 79 cm, 2D Intelligent Technology
• Stress-free zero gravity luxury massage chair
• U-Pillow Air Massage
• 3D massage technology with Heating Function
• Music connector via Bluetooth music for playing

• Relaxation
• Rejuvenation
• Sleep
• Soothes
• Calms your nerves
• Gets you in shape
Saves you more time and money