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Indulge IF-9000 Leg Massager

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Power: 55 watts Voltage: 24V DC Product Size: 47cm x 43cm x 26cm

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Indulge IF-9000 Foot & Leg Massager

• Having sore feet? This Indulge IF-9000 Leg Massager by Powermax Fitness, a shiatsu massager will help you to treat your pain better.
• Elegantly designed with a classy lacquer surface emanating fashion
• Featured with a unique styling and Acupoint distribution that fit the structure of the human leg and foot better
• Space saving, as it is foldable and has a stylish appearance
• Integrated with three-speed levels – Low, Medium and High
• Available in two different colours – white and brown
• Removable as well as washable cloth cover
• Double sensitive touch panel
• Light-weight and portable leg massager
• Possible of application of different massage techniques like, kneading, scrapping, shiatsu, airbag press, warm foot, and others.