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Indulge IF-839 Leg Massager

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Power: 50W Voltage: 220V Technology: Rocker Massage Technology

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Indulge IF-839 Foot Massager
• The all-new PowerMax Fitness Indulge IF-839 Leg Massager comes with a very different design that surrounds the ankles and the feet completely and provides you with a complete relaxation. The massage is also highly energizing and stimulating. Has 2 deep-kneading Shiatsu rollers helping to relieve the tightness and is highly stimulating as well. Also comes with Rocker Massage Technology in the foot beds delivering refreshing percussion massage to your feet and soles both.

• Has 3 auto massage programs – Soothe, Pulse and Energize
• Uses the control panel to create a massage that’s customizable.
• Intensity can be changed from Low, Medium and High.
• Available in a single golden colour variant.
• Dynamic Squeeze air massage presses your legs and ankles gently, throwing away tension.
• Helps you to cope up with all types of pain in your ankle, knees, foot, calf, hip, and back pain.
• Also improves blood circulation and lessens muscle fatigue