UrbanTrek™ TD-A4 Motorised 100% Pre-Installed

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Quick description

Motorised 100% Pre-Installed


UrbanTrek TD-A4 - Motorized, 100% Pre-Installed, Modern Style Treadmill for Modern Family & Home
• 2.5 HP Hi Torque DC motor
• Runs at 18km per hour
• Auto-Incline machine
• Remote control
• fully pre-installed machine
• Weight scale – shows your weight accurately
• Flat surface – specially designed for people suffering from orthopedics
• Finger print heart sensor

Quality and Attraction
We make the treadmill attractive.
You make yourself attractive.
Simple ergonomic design, brick-shaped body provides comfort and flexibility

High level configuration
• MCU from ST Microelectronics
• LCD drive clip
• Touching key clip from Taiwan
• IGBT LED drive clip from Germany
• Fairchild Semiconductor
• BASF Germany
• 2.0 HP motor Safe and User-friendly
• User-friendly
• Speed controller
• Stops brake
• 1.2m magnetic line connects user to the treadmill
• LED Control panel

Plug and Run – Zero Installation
• Pre-assembled
• Plug & run

Finger Point Heart Rate Monitoring
• Get Real time data during workout
• Built-in Pulse Sensor
• Lets members know they are in heart-healthy zones

Safe Running (with safety key)
• Auto stop feature in case of accidents

8-High Tensile Suspensions Encapsulated with Apex Silicone Layer
• 8-High Tensile Suspensions Encapsulated with Apex Silicone Layer
• Low impact on knees during running
• Inspired by shock absorption technology
• Lesser resilience force
Maximum User Weight Capacity
• 100 kg with extra 25 kg buffer
• Lightweight 52 kg design
• Easy transportation wheels
• Compact storage
• Occupies less than 0.5 square meters
• 1 minute fast folding
Hand Heart Rate Monitoring
• Real time data during workout
• Built-in Pulse Sensor
Wide, Flat and Compact
• No restriction to your running motion
• 6-Ply Commercial Orthopedic friendly
• Diamond Wave Treadmill Belt with the Flat Running Surface
• Low impact – reduces up to 25% of impact as compared to pavement and on road

Fold and Roll
• Fold your treadmill
• Space saving design
• Maximizes your training space
• Clutter-free space
• Easy storage facility
• UrbanTrek TD-A4Treadmill has an extremely low height
Options of Flat-Ground and Uphill Modes
• Flat-Ground and Uphill mode of varied intensity of exercise as you choose

Auto Inclination
• Incline or decline the running board from 0-15% on single command
• Auto inclination control key on hand railComfortable Running Track
• 55.1” x 20 inch running area

HiTorque DC motor
• Custom 2.5 HP HiTorque DC treadmill motor
• precision engineering
• AAA-grade components
• 2.5 horsepower delivery
• 2.5 HP Duty Rating
• Oversized casing to cut noise and vibration
• AAA Grade copper coils
• Silent, fan-cooled heat management
• High-grade insulation + sealed bearings = HiTorque longevity
• Dual carbon brushes
• 3-years warranty
Android & iOS Application
• FitShow app serves as a personalized digital fitness expert
• Pre-defined function
• Heart rate function
• Fitness Plan
• For an easy download of the app scan the QR code or Search for “Fitshow” in Play Store
Media Holder
• Holds your Phone or Tablet
• Easy access and viewing
• Mobile & Tablet Holder for your Smartphone
• Has USB charging port
• Entertain yourself during workout

Semi-Auto Lubrication
• Semi-Auto Lubrication feature eases the maintenance process of your treadmill
• Ensure zero friction and smooth movement while using treadmill
• Increase life of motor and running belt
• Dynamic balancing with precision-machined, steel crowned rollers
• Centred belt
• Smooth movement of running belt
Life Time Frame Warranty
• Heavy gauge steel mainframe
• 3 layers of Quality Paint
• Prevents corrosion
• Longer treadmill life
• Tough Iron alloy for frame
• Stronger and reliable gym equipment
Usage and Service Support
• Unboxing and Usage video
• Onsite service support all across India
• Contact our Customer Care - +91-98303-00043