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O-012A Lat Pull down & Seated Row

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Size (L x W x H): 1890 x 1540 x 2150 mm Net Weight: 225 Kg Weight Stack: 100 Kg

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From the rigid and flexible effective combination, removing the vanity of life, to interpret the plain and peacefulness of life.

Seat back pad:
Apply the ergonomic principle, the incorporation of honeycomb foam technology and molding design fit the human body curve and make the movement load distributed evenly for users for bringing a higher degree of comfort.
Handle: The use of soft thermoplastic vulcanized rubber (TPV), extrusion molding, the use of anti-sliding, comfort increasing and the ergonomic design shall disperse the movement load of pull and push evenly.
Seat adjustment: The use of four-link mechanism and air spring automatic adjustment, so that there is smoother adjustment, ease and convenience.
Push arm: The use of the four-bar mechanism for enhancing the movement stability, the movement resistance directly transmitted to the link, because of the trajectory being smoother and more vivid sense of force.
1. Main frame of the pipe is 137 * 40 * 3.0 flat oval
2. Backrest multi-position adjustment and suitable for requirements of different people, soft PVC extrusion molding that is relative to the rubber extrusion and is water-resistant
3. The use of high-strength aluminum alloy end cover which is nice and durable and never fades
4. Sitting cushion that uses the man-made principle of a molding design and fit the human body curve, and are comfortable and durable.
5. Movement trajectory to the heart as well as the centrifugal trajectory, and are in line with the human biomechanics principles.

Size (L x W x H) 1112.4 X 1339.23 X 1641.92MM
Net Weight 174KG
Weight Stack 100KG