RWC-1000 Water Rowing Machine with Digital Display for Commercial use

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RWC-1000 Water Rowing Machine

A water rowing machine is a low-impact form of fitness. It works all over the body simultaneously, including the arms, abdomen, back, and hips. It’s quiet and you can only hear the sound of water flow. It’s a great body-building machine that you can't do with any other equipment.

RWC-1000 Water Rowing Machine with Digital Display for Commercial use

• PowerMax Fitness RWC-1000 Water Rowing Machine is an excellent machine that helps in professional indoor exercises.
• Offers the best possible way to increase fitness.
• Burns calories and builds muscles.
• Features an elastic cord resistance with 8 levels of adjustable tension
• Is a perfect addition to your home gym
• Features pedals with adjustable straps
• Features an easily readable monitor displaying Stroke Count, Calories, Time and Distance.

LCD Display

• Built-in computer monitoring and displaying Total count, calories, count/min, Scan, Count, and Time that allows you to keep a track of all your progress easily.
• Makes your fitness journey more satisfying
Water Resistance System
• 8 levels of water resistance controlled manually as per your requirements
• Allows for enhancing muscle recruitment
• Magnetic resistance ensures a quiet operation
• Lets you work out in a distraction-free zone
• Oversized resistance adjustment knob
• Good for the joints and enhances flexibility
• Manual pump for regulating the level of water
• People can choose from 2 to 8 levels varying as per their level of expertise

Anti-slip Handle Bar

• Ergonomically designed tear-resistant nylon rowing strap with non-slip grip handlebars that maximizes your rowing performance.

Ergonomic Comfortable Seat

• Exercise rower has a comfortable, padded, upholstered seat, over-sized seat rail for a smooth and sliding seat
• Ergonomic comfortable saddle made of PU

Full Body Exercise

• Provides a low impact, full body workouts
• Works on major body muscles and keeps your heart and lungs healthy.
• Highly effective for weight loss
• Machine combines strength training with a cardio workout
• Allows for an increased stamina, range of motion and endurance
• Burn more calories in less time and row vigorously

Space Saving Design

• Convenient and space-saving storage capabilities
• Easily foldable to a smaller size
• Get your desired workout

Maximum User Weight Capacity

• The maximum user weight capacity 130 kg

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