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  • buy-a-treadmill-for-home-and-get-fit-fast


    Walking is one of the best forms of exercise to get fit and look fab. However, the blessings of urban development have made it difficult for people to go for early morning walks. The pollution level is high and the lack of green space has made walking 'not so convenient'. That’s the reason why fitness freaks buy treadmill for home to stay healthy, fit and agile.

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  • 5-best-treadmill-workout-ideas


    Are you one of them who have always noticed the treadmills in their gym occupied at all times? Well, it's for a good reason. People who occupy those know that they aren't "dreadmills" if you use them correctly. But, first thing first. Why don't you buy treadmill for home? Power Break is the leading brand offering treadmills in Kolkata. Their UrbanTrek Series from Powermax treadmill is modern and unique family equipment with intuitive functionality.

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  • walking-or-going-to-the-gym-which-is-better


    If you're perplexed regarding whether to go for daily walks or go to the gym regularly, you need to sit down and evaluate a few things. You must determine what you're looking to achieve from your workout: whether it's weight loss, overall health or toning up. It's because walking and going to the gym regularly will help you achieve different goals. Hence, you must know what benefits you would get out of each of the exercises to choose the one that would best help you to achieve your personal goals as well.

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  • why-you-should-make-daily-exercise-a-priority-during-the-lockdown

    Why You Should Make Daily Exercise a Priority During the Lockdown

    With the pandemic COVID-19 taking over the world and the subsequent lockdown, all of us are craving for that breath of fresh air. With zero physical activity outdoors, staying fit indoors is the only option left.

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  • 7-substitutes-of-jogging-during-lockdown

    7 substitutes of Jogging during Lockdown!

    Don’t let lockdown ruin your fitness vibe. While we all know how much you miss that favourite T-shirt-track pant combo, you can still put on the same and workout at home.

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  • 6-smart-ways-to-say-bye-to-weight-gain-during-the-lockdown

    6 Smart ways to say Bye to Weight Gain During the Lockdown

    For those of you who are fitness freaks and are regular gym visitors, there are 6 easy ways to bid goodbye to weight gain during the lockdown. Read on.

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  • exercising-and-eating-healthy-the-2-fitness-mantras-to-swear-by

    Exercising and Eating Healthy! The 2 Fitness Mantras to swear by!

    Staying healthy is at the top of everyone’s priority list. But did you know that the two areas we have the most control over are exercises and a proper diet? Our daily choices of consuming.....

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  • 4-ultimate-tips-for-successfully-achieving-all-your-fitness-goals-in-the-comfort-of-your-home

    4 Ultimate Tips for Successfully Achieving All Your Fitness Goals in the Comfort of Your Home

    Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we have all been forced to stay out of the gym for months now. With no gym buddies to motivate us and no trainer to give us tips, staying away from gyms has been hard on us. However, if you look.....

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  • unlock-the-secret-to-ultimate-fitness-with-powermax-treadmill

    Unlock The Secret To Ultimate Fitness With PowerMax Treadmill

    The treadmill is one of the most popular home gym equipment in the world. If you think that working out on a treadmill is monotonous, then you surely need to know the true potential of these wondrous..............

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  • 4-amazing-benefits-that-make-routine-workout-on-an-exercise-bike-a-must

    4 Amazing Benefits That Make Routine Workout On An Exercise Bike A Must

    An exercise bike is a fantastic home gym equipment for people of all ages. Exercise bikes are becoming one of the most popular home fitness equipment owing to the numerous advantages that it offers. If you too want to enjoy...............

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