Why You Should Make Daily Exercise a Priority During the Lockdown

With the pandemic COVID-19 taking over the world and the subsequent lockdown, all of us are craving for that breath of fresh air. With zero physical activity outdoors, staying fit indoors is the only option left. Battling boredom, stress, and anxiety? Read below to know why daily exercise is the need of the hour

  1. To maintain good mental and physical health – Exercise addresses our basic need – maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. The lockdown has made us all lose our good mental and physical health. There is a tendency for a person to be obese staying at home for a long time. Regular exercise helps us to increase the rate of metabolism in one’s body and that directly aids in weight loss. What’s the best way to get rid of the excess fat from your body that to do exercises?

  2. To build a strong immune system – Rigorous physical activities help you to flush out toxic bacteria from your lungs and kidneys. It helps you to strengthen your White Blood Corpuscles (WBC) and the creation of more effective antibodies. This would help you to fight against deadly viruses. Recent research has also indicated that COVID-19 is less likely to affect those people who are into all forms of physical activities and recreations.

  3. To maintain your psychological balance better – Regular workouts or physical exercises are excellent ways you can keep depression, stress, and anxiety at bay. Staying at home continuously for more than a month will invariably lead you to experience stressful situations and in the worst case, trauma. However, when you exercise daily for half an hour or so, it will help you stay calm and be at peace with yourself as well as the current situation.

  4. To avoid creating a hormonal imbalance in the body – Our body requires some of the most essential hormones – such as, Insulin, cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone, etc. which create the perfect balance for us to sustain. Lack of physical activities can reduce the secretion of these hormones and create several health-related problems. So, don’t let this sedentary lifestyle create hormonal imbalance in your body. Instead, work out right in the comfort of your home. While it may not be possible to get involved in outdoor sports activities, jogging, and walking outdoors, you can easily replace these with spot jogging, a mindful but casual strolling around the house or your rooftop, and doing other exercises.

  5. Lets you get rid of boredom – In the days where social media challenges are everywhere, exercises during lockdown has found a new dimension. With people throwing workout challenges at one another and posts pictures online, its time to motivate yourself to do the same. Additionally, you can find a whole lot of new channels on YouTube that you can subscribe to, to stay ahead of the new kinds of diet, high-intensive exercises and tips for staying healthy.

    So, stay motivated, and keep yourself stress-free from the lockdown anxiety. Get up and get going. And in case if you wanted to check out some fitness equipment online to fuel your fitness game, you can surf through the Power Break Fitness website here.