What Features Should We Look for Before Buying A Massage Chair

Planning to buy massage chair for your home? We are pretty sure you are looking for one. It is a big commitment and Powermax fitness Kolkata does understand your prerogative. Long working hours and stressful days are making you consider your options. 


Here is a concise list of features you might want to check before purchasing it –


Type of Massage – Every massage chair is equipped to cater to different kind of needs. Based on your requirement you need to choose the kind of chair you are looking for. Indulge im-OnCloudNine-3 Full Body Massage Chair is equipped to dole out a full body massage. However, you need to know the different type of massages equipment can deliver.


  • Kneading – The massage technique involves the manipulation of soft tissues in dual mode – on the bones or tissues against one another. This technique is best suited for any kind of chronic pain relief, treating sore muscles, helps in increasing flexibility.
  • Shiatsu – An ancient technique and is both an effective and popular method of massage. Buy massage chair with this feature to yield the maximum benefit from it. In the traditional method, the pressure is applied with the help of hands, thumbs, and palms on the major stress points of your body. Indulge PMC-2100L Refreshing Massage Chair is equipped with the Shiatsu technique mode.
  • Rolling - one of the delightful massage techniques, it is ideally lifting of your skin between the thumbs and fingers of your masseuse. However, in massage chairs, this technique is imitated with the help of rollers and a roller track. This method can relax your muscles, relieve off any tension and provide a relaxing effect for your body. Powermax fitness Kolkata brings you Indulge PMC-2101L Massage Chaircomprises of foot rollers to give you a similar effect.
  • Tapping – The technique of tapping involves a percussive massage technique that stimulates the muscles. Buy massage chair which can replicate this technique used by a masseuse to stimulate blood circulation which in turn increases the temperature of your muscles and increases the elasticity of the tissues. The striking technique can benefit your body drastically at home with a massage chair from Powermax fitness Kolkata
  • Especial Techniques – Some massage chairs can provide your body special benefits in form of heated massage, yoga, reflexology, stretching of muscles and can aid in spinal relief. The techniques ensure a special added advantage as part of the massage chair. 


The above techniques can improve your health drastically and give you benefits that boost your blood circulation, can gift you glowing skin, provide improved immunity and flush out toxins from your system. Buy massage chair which can provide you benefits listed above. Would you like to benefit from a massage chair by relaxing and improving your health at home? Find the perfect massage chair best suited to your needs with Powermax fitness Kolkata which can offer more than one of the above features as part of a product browse for collection here.