If you don’t have time to visit a spa or go to the masseur, then the 'massage chair' can come to your rescue. Distressing yourself has never been so easy, but thanks to the invention of these chairs, it’s a delight for the tired nerves, as this fitness equipment is good enough to rejuvenate and recharge you almost instantly.

Wondering how the 'massage chair' can work as good as a masseur? Here are a few pointers that will tell you that massage chairs are not only good, but they are in fact better.

Targets the right pressure points

Your masseur can make a mistake or at times, they are lacking the experience to provide you a blissful experience. Such is not the case with ‘massage chairs’ with its auto-detect functionality. The pressure applied is moderate and the kneading is intense enough to release tension points and knots. The human masseur can get a bit rough at times, which leads to injury.

So, avoid injuries and choose a massage chair.


It’s convenient to indulge yourself with a massage chair. Come home late and sit on the chair with the power on. It works like magic and all the stress and tension vanishes almost instantly. Well, that's not the case with a masseur. You need to get an appointment first and then be on time for the session. It's more like a chore than a retreat.

Privacy is maintained

Sometimes it's better to switch off from the rest of the world and treat yourself like royalty. Privacy is essential at this time and a 'massage chair' is the best option if you are seeking privacy. It’s true that a professional masseur might also provide you with privacy, but still, there is a gap as you won’t be completely left-all-alone.


Last, but not the least, these chairs are a one-time expense. With 3D intelligent massage technology, the chair can work wonderfully for any person below 120kgs. There are several massage programs like tapping, Shiatsu, kneading, knocking and so on. The best part is, you can do it anywhere, anytime and daily if you want. Whereas the finding a good masseur with all these qualities coming with a cost-effective package is an unachievable dream-like situation.

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