How to Create a Home Gym Out of Common Household Items

The indoor activity centers & fitness studios have been shut down. It is quite easy for you to feel lethargic and fall behind on your fitness goals. Having home gym equipment is an absolute necessity in today’s day and time. Fitness enthusiasts are choosing Home-workouts over a traditional Gym. The art of making use of household items as fitness equipment is the newest trend and fad. 

Be it cardio or muscle-building, you can do multiple things for your regime. You can be a pro fitness enthusiast or a novice. These home gym equipment alternates will be a fulfilling experience. A full-body workout is just a matter of will.

Home Gym Equipment from Power Break Fitness

Here are a few home gym equipments with common household items –

  • Dining Chair/ Stool/ Table – A dining chair, stool or coffee table is apt equipment for tricep dips, pushups and upper body muscle workout. The fun part is doing it without further giving out space. Let’s start with three simple exercises – 
    • Tricep dips – It strengthens the upper body muscle. It has a gradual progression and adds to the flex of your muscle. Home gym equipment benefits are flexibility, improved stability and motion in the shoulders. Balance your body by keeping the legs straight and balance your heels on a mat. Dip your body with the support of your arms till they form a 90-degree angle. The number of reps ideal for this exercise is 20 reps for 5 sets.
    • Incline Pushups – This exercise is best suited for beginners. If you have trouble completing a push up normally. Efficient home gym equipment would balance the elevation & incline with the help of a technique but a chair aids in rising seamlessly. Rest the hands on the chair and with the support of it raise your body to do a pushup. 
    • Decline Pushups - For the pros, you can have fun doing a decline pushup. The chest & shoulder muscles can be worked out. The 20 reps in sets of 5. Powermax treadmill Kolkata recognizes the essence of workout tenacity at home and provides a range of equipment to further your fitness journey.
  • Burpees using Door Frame – Burpees can be a beneficial exercise for the lower & upper body. The home gym equipment is as simple as a door frame. It starts with a standard push up, next transition is hopping on your feet moving towards your hands while positioning the hands on the floor. Next, you stretch your arms and jump with an upward movement. Touch the door frame at the top and then resume the first position of landing back into a push-up position.  

Using everyday items to create a complete home workout is a fun way of keeping track of goals & a workout circuit for the entire body. The only caution is keeping in mind caution while using home gym equipment and taking care. Powermax treadmill Kolkata is promoting fitness as a healthy body will house a healthy mind.