Walking is one of the best forms of exercise to get fit and look fab. However, the blessings of urban development have made it difficult for people to go for early morning walks. The pollution level is high and the lack of green space has made walking 'not so convenient'. That’s the reason why fitness freaks buy treadmill for home to stay healthy, fit and agile.

  1. Motorized VS Manual Treadmills

    Manual treadmills are great and economical too, but there is a real reason why fitness enthusiasts love working out on a motorized powermax treadmill. This is because the motor offers smooth walk and the LED tracks display the time, speed, distance covered, heartbeat rate, calories burnt and also the body fat percentage. The auto-incline settings make it easy to create resistance, burn more calories and build muscles during workout.

  2. Speed Up Your Fat Burning Process

    Running on the treadmill is an effective way to lose weight real fast. Cardio can make you lose weight and keep your metabolism high for a long time, even after your workout session. But there are a few things that might help you get better results.

    • Combine treadmill workout with strength training exercises
    • Run-on the powermax treadmill early in the morning
    • Run-on the equipment for at least 15 minutes to see a difference within a week
    • The maximum time to spend on the treadmill should not be more than 45 minutes
    • Over-exertion can lead to stress that in turn can stagnate the weight loss journey
    • Adjust the treadmill to interval training workout sessions for better achieving better results
    • Jogging and running on the equipment burns more calories than walking. Adjust the speed according to your requirements

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