5 Fat Burning Strategies To Shed All The Extra Weight On The Treadmill

Once you have purchased a treadmill for your home, you should know that certain treadmill workout strategies can help you lose all that weight and get in shape. If you happen to be looking for a treadmill in Kolkata, look no further. Power Break is East India's most trusted dealer of PowerMax Fitness home gym equipment.


So, let's take a look at 5 fat burning strategies to get lighter on the treadmill.


1. Daily 5-Minute Workout

Yes, this one's great if you usually do not have time in the mornings and evenings. You have to run at a speed of 7 MPH for about a minute, then at a speed of 3.5 MPH for the next minute, then at a speed of 7.5 MPH for the next minute, then at 3.5 MPH for the next minute and a final run at 8 MPH for the last minute. Our UrbanTrek™ TD-N1 Treadmill or our UrbanTrek™ TD-M1 Motorized Treadmill is ideal for this kind of workout. If you have more time, you may repeat this cycle after a couple of minutes of a jogging break.

2. 10-Minute Workout

For the first minute, you must jog at a 4.5 MPH speed at a 10% inclination. The next minute must have you running at a speed of 6 MPH at a 5% inclination. The pace and inclination for the next eight minutes is as follows - 4.5 MPH at 10% inclination, 6.5 MPH at 5% inclination, 4.5 MPH at 8% inclination, 6.5 MPH at 4% inclination, 4.5 MPH at 8% inclination, 7 MPH at 4% inclination, 4.5 MPH at 5% inclination and 7.5 MPH at 0% inclination. Our UrbanTrek TD-M3 100% Pre-Installed Treadmill is the machine you need for this particular strategy.

3. High-Intensity Exercise & Rest Workout

This is an amazing way of burning calories in a short amount of time. For this one, your treadmill needs to be flat, i.e., at 0% inclination. Warm-up for the first five minutes by walking at a pace of 2 MPH. Run at a 9-10 MPH speed for the next 30 seconds and walk at a pace of 3-4 MPH for the next minute. Repeat this cycle for at least 5 times. Cool off afterward by walking at a pace of 2 MPH for the last 5 minutes. You can get our UrbanTrek TD-M4 Motorised, 100% Pre-Installed, Zero Maintenance Treadmill to execute this to perfection.

4. Workout on An Inclination

Inclination workouts are the best if burning more calories is your goal. You must start out this one by walking at 2 MPH for the first 5 minutes. For the next minute, set the inclination at 1% and jog at 4-6 MPH. In this way, you must increase the inclination until you reach 8-10%. After that, you must decrease the inclination by 1% per minute until you reach 0-1%. Cool off by walking at 2 MPH for the last 5 minutes. None other machine can help you workout on an inclination as well as our UrbanTrek™ TD-M5 Installation Free Treadmill.

5. Fat-Burning Hill Workout

Here's how to perform this set:


  • Run at a speed of 5.5 MPH at a 2% inclination for 2.5 minutes.
  • Run at the same speed at a 3% inclination for the next 2 minutes.
  • Run at 5 MPH at a 4% inclination for 1.5 minutes.
  • For the next minute, run at 4 MPH at 5% inclination.
  • Run at the same pace for the next 30 seconds at a 6% inclination.
  • Lower the inclination to 0.5% and run at 5 MPH for the last 2.5 minutes.

Our UrbanTrek™ TD-M6 100% Pre-Installed Treadmill is the leading choice in the market for performing such fat burning exercises.

Treadmill workouts are more than just mere jogging or running indoors. They are incredible machines if losing weight in a short amount of time is your goal and there are various strategies to achieve it. Order your PowerMax treadmill from Power Break, have it delivered to your doorstep and try out these strategies today!