Are you one of them who have always noticed the treadmills in their gym occupied at all times? Well, it's for a good reason. People who occupy those know that they aren't "dreadmills" if you use them correctly. But, first thing first. Why don't you buy treadmill for home? Power Break is the leading brand offering treadmills in Kolkata. Their UrbanTrek Series from Powermax treadmill is modern and unique family equipment with intuitive functionality.

1. Alternate between high and low

Experts claim that interval training is one of the most effective fat burning methods there is. Interval training involves alternating between high and low-speed intervals. Such an exercise boosts your heart rate and burns the maximum amount of calories. However, what constitutes a high and low speed is subjective, so remember to adjust them to your own pace.

2. Have a hilly experience

Do you love running through the trails but are stuck indoors due to some reason? Kick up the inclination of the treadmill and set it to stimulate an uneven outdoor terrain. And let the fun begin!

3. Multitasking can be beneficial

Are you confused about whether to do cardio before or after a run? Well, why don't you do it during? Make your treadmill work out a little different by adding a couple of dumbbells to work your biceps, shoulders, and other upper body exercises. You may also alternate between running and doing squats, lunges, planks or push-ups.

4. Just play your cards right

This one should be fun. Make four cards and write the words "run", "jog", "sprint", and "walk" on each card. Pick any card while you're warming up and do whatever is written on it for 5 minutes. Once you're done, keep that card away and repeat the process until you've done all the four. You may also add a little variety to the game by introducing more cards with a specific speed, incline, punishment or reward written on them.

5. Let digital devices distract you for good

Use entertainment to your advantage and create an awesome playlist or get a treadmill TV. Better yet, create a playlist with fast and slow songs and change your speed accordingly. Such distractions will enable you to work harder without you even noticing or feeling it.