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Blog posts of '2021' 'July'

  • miss-treadmill-heres-how-to-get-your

    Miss the treadmill? Here’s How to Get Your Cardio in At Home

    Looking for a treadmill in Kolkata? Do not miss out on your daily dose of cardio. Cardiovascular exercises in form of aerobics and cardio is an absolute necessity for your health. The current pandemic has driven fitness enthusiasts to buy treadmill for home and continue to pursue the goals.

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  • how-to-create-home-gym-out-of-common-household

    How to Create a Home Gym Out of Common Household Items

    The indoor activity centers & fitness studios have been shut down. It is quite easy for you to feel lethargic and fall behind on your fitness goals. Having home gym equipment is an absolute necessity in today’s day and time. Fitness enthusiasts are choosing Home-workouts over a traditional Gym. The art of making use of household items as fitness equipment is the newest trend and fad. Be it cardio or muscle-building, you can do multiple things for your regime. You can be a pro fitness enthusiast or a novice. These home gym equipment alternates will be a fulfilling experience. A full-body workout is just a matter of will.

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