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Buy affordable home gym equipments in Kolkata from Power Break Fitness

Going to the gym religiously can be quite challenging keeping the working schedule in mind. The Work from home situation has presented us with the unique opportunity of keeping up with our fitness goals within the comfort of our homes. Home gym equipments in Kolkata is quite a challenge when it comes to searching for the best fitness equipment as per our body needs. The idea of comfort cannot leave the need for a massage chair far behind. It would be the perfect buddy for the unwinding post a great workout or just chilling.

Here are a few options listed for your home gym from Power Break Kolkata –

  • Exercise Bikes – The most convenient equipment to achieve the benefits of cycling without leaving the comfort of your home gym. The stationary bike would provide you with the perks of the workout by burning those calories and get your lower body movement going. BS-151 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike from Power Break Fitness would make your home gym equipment in Kolkata search a fruitful conclusive one.
  • Cross Trainers – They boost up the calorie-burning mechanism of the body. Try using the interval technique to get the best results out of your exercise regime. EH-220 3 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer or EH-200 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse is an affordable option in the cross-trainer segment.

buy affordable home gym equipments from power break fitness

  • Rowers – They are the unsung superheroes of the fitness world. Rowers tone your muscles, build strength and helps in developing endurance of the body. RH-250 Foldable Rowing Machine with Digital Display for Home use is not only an affordable option but also a space-saving machine for your home. Home gym equipments in Kolkata pose the requirement of being compact and a space-saving home gym equipment as well.
  • Multi-gyms – This home gym equipment helps in building muscle mass and strength. It is particularly beneficial for beginners as you still need to understand your body and are new to weight training. It keeps your posture correct and ensures a proper work-out for your body. GH-135 Home Gym is a great find when it comes to home gym equipments in Kolkata by Power Break Fitness. Stop putting away the idea of getting fit and begin the journey without much further ado.
  • Automatic Treadmill – Burning calories through cardio is the most effective way of moving towards your fitness goals. The leaner look can be achieved with loads of cardio. UrbanTrek™ TD-M1 Motorized Treadmill with Android & iOS Application is a very sleek design at a surprisingly affordable price bracket for your home gym. Treadmills are various types available in the home gym equipments in Kolkata category but choosing the right treadmill requires looking into the product as well as your budget.

Power Break Fitness has a wide range of offerings in affordable price ranges for any kind of home gym needs. Browse through the various products and find yourself a cracking deal keeping in mind your body structure and needs.

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