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7 substitutes of Jogging during Lockdown!

Don’t let lockdown ruin your fitness vibe. While we all know how much you miss that favourite T-shirt-track pant combo, you can still put on the same and workout at home. Power Break Fitness does not want you to miss these 6 major substitutes for jogging.

  1. Skipping – Bring back the younger you!

    Bring back the younger version of yourself by jumping up and down with the rope. Skipping builds your lower body strength. Your calf muscles are strengthened along with improving your endurance and core power. You can also engage yourself every day with jump rope training by spending less time on the ground. Jump rope training not only helps you to stay fit and energetic throughout the day, but also increase your speed and agility.

  2. Climbing up and down the stairs – Tell me how?

    This is one of the most underrated lockdown exercises we can suggest. Climbing up and down the stairs a hundred times a day has its own benefits for our body – our hearts, lungs, and the other muscles. It is an effective alternative that helps to increase "VO2 max", determining the aerobic or lung capacity of an individual. The greater the "VO2 max", the greater chances of our body organs remaining super functional.

  3. Treadmill – My favourite fitness addiction!


    The familiar most gym equipment that works wonders for your body and gets you in shape. This is one of the most ideal substitutes for the joggers when they are working out indoors. Besides being able to adjust the speed the way you want it, your treadmill has got oodles of modern features. The maximum user capacity of the motorized treadmills these days can go up to 150 kg, with auto incline facility, large LED screen that lets you track your pulse rate, heart rate, and the calories burned, and loads of others. Treadmills that come with shock absorbers also protect you from having a high-risk knee injury. Power-packed with all of the features in a single equipment, no wonder, these are undoubtedly the smartest and the safest bet for the joggers.

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    Power Break Fitness provides you with a range of affordable elliptical cross trainers that you would find beneficial for your everyday home workouts.

  4. Spot Jogging – Our favourite pick!

    Spot jogging is one of the most effective substitutes for your usual jogging and helps you to stay fit and fabulous all throughout. Spot jog 100 times twice daily and increase your count as you build more strength and endurance over time.

  5. Elliptical Training – For those fabulously toned legs!

    The elliptical cross trainer is one of those instruments in the gym that you never wanted to miss. After all, once you have hit the high-impact treadmill, you wanted to hop on to that low-impact cross trainer, didn’t you? For all the good reasons, the elliptical cross trainer is an ideal substitute for running and jogging. With medium resistance, you would burn almost the same calories as you would when you jog or run.

    Power Break Fitness provides you with a range of affordable elliptical cross trainers that you would find beneficial for your everyday home workouts.

  6. Runner Friendly Yoga – Your body will thank you!

    When you cannot step out of your home and wished if you had another alternative, try yoga for runners. You can check online videos as there is plenty of free access to videos on the Internet. Some of the most runner-friendly yoga exercises include the Plank, Kneeling lunge, Quad stretch, and so on. Give yourself some rest days and your body will definitely thank you!

  7. Stationary Bike – Give your road bike a break!

    Miss your bike rides? Why not try stationary bikes instead? Believe it or not, stationary bikes are a good substitute for your every day jogging practices. This indoor trainer lets you adjust your pace as per your capacity. Pedal hard for at least 1-2-minute intervals for a few cycles.


    These are some of the most effective ways you can substitute your jogging with. You can check out Power Break Fitness for the most affordable fitness equipment. You can also learn about the 5 Homely Tips for Practicing Upper Body Strengthening.

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