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6 Smart ways to say Bye to Weight Gain During the Lockdown

For those of you who are fitness freaks and are regular gym visitors, there are 6 easy ways to bid goodbye to weight gain during the lockdown. Read on.

  1. Home Workouts – Invest your time and energy at home workouts. While you cannot possibly hit the gym, do your yoga classes, or go outside for walks, utilize at least an hour on doing home-based workouts and exercises. Home workouts include warming up exercises, spot jogging, and other rigorous workouts that work well without any kind of gym instrument. We’d suggest you get hold of a sturdy exercise mat and get started with your fitness journey.

  2. Yoga and Fitness Exercises – Battle your boring self-quarantine days with regular stretching exercises and yoga. One of the most effective ways you can lose weight is to do rigorous fitness exercises and yoga. You can even enrol yourself to online exercise sessions on YouTube as per your convenience. Fitness surveys revealed over 86% of the people who practiced yoga felt that it helped them greatly to reduce stress and alleviate pain.

  3. Dancing –Having a passion for Kathak that you once used to nurture? Or are you the Zumba queen who’s missing her dance steps every day?It’s time to stay away from boredom and start pursuing your once-old hobby. Dancing is one of the easiest ways you can lose that extra flab accumulated near your waistline. So, stop binging and get grooving!

  4. Health tracking apps – The use of health monitoring apps is another classic example of how you can utilize your self-quarantine days. Digitization has paved the way for the development of different types of fitness apps – Tone It Up, 8fit, Yoga Wake Up, Freeletics, and others. So, when you install one of these apps, you’d most definitely have a fitness coach or a mentor and a dedicated dietician who would provide you with personalized fitness services. But mind it, these are not free apps.

  5. Cleaning and Gardening – While regular cleaning and maintaining the house are not possible when you are outdoors, doing household chores during lockdown can be fun and be worthwhile. What’s more, you can also control your weight gain if you get involved in cleaning and dusting. Get actively involved with your family members and bring a variety to your daily work schedule.

  6. Fitness Challenge – Indulge yourself in different workout challenges and post them on Instagram. When you take up a fitness challenge and post it, not only do you take inspiration from others but in the process, get motivated and inspired yourself.

    While these maybe some of the most trending ways you can adopt to say goodbye to weight gain, nothing can beat fitness equipment you have at home – like, the treadmill or the exercise bike. Or if you don’t have any, and you may want to consider buying a treadmill, you can get in touch with Power Break Fitness here.

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