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  • miss-treadmill-heres-how-to-get-your

    Miss the treadmill? Here’s How to Get Your Cardio in At Home

    Looking for a treadmill in Kolkata? Do not miss out on your daily dose of cardio. Cardiovascular exercises in form of aerobics and cardio is an absolute necessity for your health. The current pandemic has driven fitness enthusiasts to buy treadmill for home and continue to pursue the goals.

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  • how-to-create-home-gym-out-of-common-household

    How to Create a Home Gym Out of Common Household Items

    The indoor activity centers & fitness studios have been shut down. It is quite easy for you to feel lethargic and fall behind on your fitness goals. Having home gym equipment is an absolute necessity in today’s day and time. Fitness enthusiasts are choosing Home-workouts over a traditional Gym. The art of making use of household items as fitness equipment is the newest trend and fad. Be it cardio or muscle-building, you can do multiple things for your regime. You can be a pro fitness enthusiast or a novice. These home gym equipment alternates will be a fulfilling experience. A full-body workout is just a matter of will.

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  • 3-benefits-of-massage-chair-which-you

    3 benefits of massage chair which you may not have known

    A massage chair is perceived as a luxury furniture piece by many. However, it is far from a simple muscle relaxation device. There are numerous studies that indicate significant improvement in blood circulation, managing hypertension, muscle recovery and immunity response. Here are 3 benefits of massage chair which you may not have known

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  • 4-effective-ways-of-having-fun-while

    4 effective ways of having fun while running on a treadmill

    Staying indoors is more reason for runners to turn to a treadmill to fulfil the running quota. A run on a treadmill can be monotonous, drab and quite dry. Most people are divided on outdoor & indoor running but keeping in mind the current pandemic situation indoor running is surely a great option. People are looking up interesting methods to make a treadmill run indoors fun.

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  • home-fitness-machine-gives-best-workout

    Which Home Fitness Machine Gives The Best Overall Workout?

    Home fitness equipment is essential to meet your fitness goals and keep in tune with Fitness trends. Every day your search would be populated with a gym equipment shop in Kolkata. Powerbreak Fitness is the answer to all your home gym requirements.

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  • how-you-should-choose-home-gym-equipment

    How You Should Choose Home Gym Equipment?

    An effective exercise program is all about utilising the home gym equipment and the natural equipment, your body. Regular natural workout is an elusive concept in growing busy lives. The fitness industry has blossomed. Home Gym Equipment is all about excellent workout options. Here is an article for you to help you choose home gym equipment.

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  • what-features-should-we-look-for-before-buying-massage-chair

    What Features Should We Look for Before Buying A Massage Chair

    Planning to buy massage chair for your home? We are pretty sure you are looking for one. It is a big commitment and Powermax fitness Kolkata does understand your prerogative. Long working hours and stressful days are making you consider your options.

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  • how-massage-chairs-can-help-you-relax

    How Massage Chairs Can Help You Relax After A Busy Day

    In this current world, everyone is suffering from stress level and anxiety. Proper relaxation is necessary for everyone’s life. Here are tips on how massage chairs can help you out with the relaxation of this stress.

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  • buy-affordable-home-gym-equipments-in-kolkata-from-power-break-fitness

    Buy affordable home gym equipments in Kolkata from Power Break Fitness

    The Work from home situation has presented us with the unique opportunity of keeping up with our fitness goals within the comfort of our homes. Home gym equipments in Kolkata is quite a challenge when it comes to searching for the best fitness equipment as per our body needs.

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  • power-break-fitness-the-most-convenient-treadmill-shop-in-kolkata

    Power Break Fitness - The Most Convenient Treadmill Shop in Kolkata

    Power Break Fitness is a one-stop solution for your treadmill in Kolkata search. The varied range of treadmills be it motorised, or manual would leave you spoilt for choices.

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